I Love Lipstick More Than..........


I Love Lipstick More Than…….

In a world where we love to love, there are so many things that there are to love. Some people love flowers, some love coffee, and some love music. But then you have people like us! The ones who love makeup. And not just all makeup, but LIPSTICK!

But why is that? Out of all the amazing makeup in the world, we LOVE the LIPSTICK! Well, I can think of a few reasons. We love the pigments! We love the different kinds of shine factors such as matte, liquid glass, and glossy. Or maybe we love the way it accents our lips or even others’ lips. Who knows why! But we know that we just LOVE lipstick.

If you are a lipstick lover than you came to the right blog post! Better yet, the right company for lipsticks! Have a look at some of the amazing first colors from the cosmetic line!