Welcome to Starr Magnet Boutiques FIRST BLOG!

Hello and welcome to our first beauty blog for Starr Magnet Boutique!

Starr Magnet Boutique was born under Starr Magnet Entertainment and we thought, “We have models! Why not have makeup!” Duh, right? Well, here we are! We will be sharing not only OUR MAKEUP, but reviews and more of other brands as well!

Keep a look out for our Vlog as well!

Ok here it goes!


Starr Power Lipstick In Russion Red

Starr Power Lipstick In Russion Red

Your lipsticks are so buttery and creamy
— Model and Entrepreneur Emma Sigala

With so many makeup brands out there in the world, why would anyone else want to make one just to add it to the bunch? Well, that’s like asking “why was the lightbulb invented when we had candles?”. You can never have enough creative minds making the world a better place!

We felt this way and very strongly about it. We thought that we can offer and strive for a brand line that is unlike any other and will stand out amongst the rest. And with a first product that looks that the one above, I think we are on to a great start! Before we even decided to put out a product, we looked at packaging and the options we had from manufacturing options. To us, the packaging is everything, and when we saw this one, we knew it was the one! There is no other company or brand that has a package that looks quite like this one! And the quality of the lipstick, well that is another amazing story!

We have had several people tell us about our lipstick and they all had a few words in common, and two of them were buttery and creamy. These are great words to be mentioned when you are dealing in lip products! We had a win. And we had our lipsticks in one room, on several models, with 4 makeup artists, and they all loved them too! Way to market test right?

All in all we are so happy to have this product and can’t wait to get it out globally!