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At Starr Magnet Entertainment, we are always working on an ideal profile and performance in the digital and physical market. We cooperate with all the important download shops in the USA, GERMANY, and SOUTH KOREA as well as worldwide. You can be an artist under Starr Magnet, or you can be a LABEL under Starr Magnet Entertainment.

We are in MANY stores like:

Apple Music, TIDAL, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, YouTube/Google, Traxsource, Juno, WhatPeoplePlay, Zero Inch, Bleep, DJ Tunes, DJ Shop, TrackitDown, DJ Download, Bugs Music, Flo, Genie, 24-7 Entertainment, 7Digital, Akazoo, Anghami, AWA, Claro Musica, Deezer, Genie Music, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, iTunes, KkBox, Kuack Media, LINE Music, Melon,, Musicload, Napster, Naver Music, Neurotic Media, Pandora, Rhapsody, Saavn, Shazam, Simfy Africa, Sirius XM, Slacker, SoundCloud, Tencent, TIM Music, TraxSource, VEVO, Xiami, Xplore Music, and many many more!

Working closely with the vinyl departments of Music Mail and Straight Distribution as well as the CD distributor Nova MD, we are able to offer you a whole distribution package meeting your needs the "classical" as well as the "new" way. Besides the delivery of your physical products into the digital market we also offer -as an extra service- exploitation of your catalog according to the new needs of the digital market in various ways.

Here are a few!

We deliver to the largest network of stores & streaming partners in the industry

• License your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more

• 24-hour distribution & processing

• Deliver to our network of 300 stores

• Stems & Sample pack distribution


• Promotional campaigns for all Starr Magnet Entertainment clients

• Automatic MP3 creation and ID3 tagging

• Delivery to Shazam

• Spotify – Branded Playlists

• Spotify – Verified Artist-/Label profiles

• Spotify - Targeted campaigns for your music

• Become part of numerous Playlists


• We create professional statements for all of our artists

• Get detailed monthly royalty reports

• In-depth daily/monthly/quarterly sales, reporting & analytics

• Daily sales from Amazon/ Apple iTunes/ Apple Music/ Beatport/ Deezer/ Spotify/ Traxsource and more

• Direct deals with stores guaranteeing you the most royalties


• Monetize your songs on YouTube!

• Our experienced, “YouTube Certified” team will work on customized solutions for each project, and manage your Content ID (YouTube’s proprietary software that claims copyrighted material in user uploaded material).

We handle the entire process for you, from managing daily claiming tasks all the way through complicated rights management issues.


• Monetization of your tracks / songs on SoundCloud.

• Our team is happy to help you with promotion on and all questions regarding SoundCloud.

• With Starr Magnet Entertainment, we can monetize your profile and all related content on SoundCloud.


• Promotion, statement & delivery report to make your life easier

• Protect your music from file sharing sites with our piracy protection service

• iTunes pre-order setup

• Compilation program to maximize revenue from your catalogue

• Track your performance using with interactive graphs

• Licensing of your tracks on compilations

• License your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more

• Sampling your music to the world of audiovisual media

• Sub publishing

• Radio & TV: Royalties for reiving airplay on terrestrial AM and FM radio stations, as well as music on broadcast and cable TV.

• Physical products and downloads: Mechanical royalties to songwriters for physical products (CDs/cassettes/vinyl) and downloads (Beatport/iTunes/Amazon).

• Synchronization (Sync): Licensing compositions and masters for movies, TV, commercials, video games, etc.

• On-Demand streaming music services: Performance royalties and mechanical royalties for plays generated through on-demand streaming platforms (Spotify, RDIO, Deezer).

• Non-Interactive Streaming Radio: Performance royalties for webcasting and sound recording performing royalties paid by Non-Interactive Streaming Radio platforms (Pandora/Slacker).

USA/Germany Distributing Partners

Korean Distributing Partners

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