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Christmas/New Years Hampton Roads Feed the Homeless and Homeless Vets

For Immediate Release

October 29, 2018


Entertainment Company and Non-Profit, new to Hampton Roads, is feeding the homless and homeless veterans for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years.

Starr Magnet Entertainment and A Starr’s Embrace Foundation of Norfolk, VA are teaming up to provide the homless and homeless veterans of the Hampton Roads area with holiday meals.


GLOBAL: Every year, Starr Magnet Entertainment partners up with A Starr’s Embrace Foundation and does something different for those who are less fortunate. And this year they want to dedicate their time to the Hampton Roads homeless and homelss veteran community. They will be partnering to do a buffet style holiday dinner for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. As well as giving them items that will keep them warm throught the cold weather that is coming to the area.

For Christmas/New Years they will be holding their dinner on Saturday December 29nd from 3-5pm at TBA. They would like to have a traditional meal to include the customary New Year’s dinner items.

They are seeking volunteers, donations of holiday dinner food items, warm clothing, blankets, and anything else that will keep them warm. Other optional donations that will be accepted will be hygenie products.

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For more information contact:

Nilly Mims

Owner/Event Organizer

Roman Mims


(678) 720-8621


To Volunteer or Donate Email with Subject:

Feed the Homeless VA VOLUNTEER