MUSIC REVIEW: Addictive Accidents


Album: When Death Visits

A young man by the name is Jason sent me a review request and after some talking he decided to have Starr Magnet Ent review the album, “When Death Visits”. So here it goes!

The album, “When Death Visits” is a 12 track, acoustic and hip hop mixed compilation of very vulnerable lyrics. The cover art is also very interesting of a skeleton hugging a very plum derriere of a woman. This was an eye catcher, which I think was the point, and it worked!

The artists, of Pittsburgh, PA, started as a triplet group which consisted of Timmy Turn Up, J Silly, and J Street. But, after a fall out there was only J Street and Timmy Turn Up left of the group. The album does however feature all three artists.

Now after some group background, lets get into the track by track review!

Track 1: “Sad Boy”

This track is the opener to the album by the group. The artists sang their own hooks and rapped on the beat. The beat is a melancholy acoustic and hip hop merged beat that catches your ear the minute it comes on with anticipation to hear the first word. Then a male voice comes on singing over this beat. Even though they are no song bird, it somehow works. The lyrics are vulnerable and draw out a story of different disappointments in various relationships. Although the engineering was a bit off, and the cadence a bit off timing, overall we liked this song.

Track 2: “Flex Now”

This track is the second off of the album. Right of the beat you catch a crazy beat. Which we loved. Then you hear a rapper over the beat. To us, we instantly heard a very familiar Drake Vibe mixed with a little Em. Lyrically it is a bit wordy but easy to relate to. Although it has it’s vulgar moment, (but what rapper doesn’t?) the lyrics are catchy! For us, the engineering overall was better!

Track 3: “Butterflies”

This track is a slower track that’s more of an RnB track with rapping. The rapper is again singing on the hook but almost seems as though they are singing the cadences all through the song. It is about a man who has strong feelings for a woman. And explains what he would do to keep or get her in his life. Overall a pretty good song.

Track 4: “The Hype Is Real”

This track had a very interesting opening line, “death is here” says the rapper. The cadence for this song was pretty good to us. The beat once again was a good one! We do think that there should have been a hook in the song. And if there was one, I think we may have missed it. Again the engineering was a bit off, but overall ok for the song.

Track 5: “Do Re Mi 2”

This song was also an ear catcher from the opening note. The group chose to have a string selection accompanied by hip hop kicks and high hats. The feel of the song is very dark and almost shows a person in a very low place. The rapper is again singing over the track which works for this one. The engineering is better as well. Over all, we liked this one.

Track 6: “Barz On Barz 3”

Okay, so this is one track we had some issues with. First, Starr Magnet Ent has an artist, HaveTo, that is killing the air waves with a song called “Barzzz” and it is exactly what the name stated. So of course this had very high expectations due to the name. Secondly, there was a very large restriction on the lyrics due to the beat being SO over powering. It was extremely hard to hear anything but the beat. The beat was very Willy Wonka-esque which we did like.

Track 7: “Pray The Lord”

This track was the first one we thought was pretty good engineering so that was a huge plus right off the back. The message was relatable as well as many probably feel the same. The word play was catchy, and the concept was good as well! The bridge needed a bit more, but overall pretty good!

Track 8: “Not Alright”

Once again the lyrics were vulnerable. The artists made it known that they weren’t alright in the track. The rapper was singing over the track for this one again. You can hear the life in this song and emotion conveyed well.

Track 9: “V For Vanish”

The beat comes on very aggressive as does the lyric for this song. But it is catchy! The energy is pretty hype on this track which is great! It sounded like it could develop a mosh pit! The cadence was pretty good and the adlibs were fun! Again the engineering could use a little love.

Track 10: “Memorized Her Face”

This song conveyed a very hurt heart. And it comes on with the strings of a guitar and that evoked an empty feeling. This worked well. Out of all the songs, this one was the best put together. Kudos on this track!

Track 11: “Pole”

Okay so, from the name if the track and how it comes on, I was waiting for a strip club song. And almost thought it was about a stripper! Come to find out this is a song about the streets and their side piece, which is called their “pole”. It took us a minute but got it right by the hook! The song wasn’t too bad and is catchy.

Track 12: “Chase For Sunny Days”

As the final track to the album, this one closed it out on a very non hip hop feel. At least with the beat. Even though the artists are hip hop they incorporated a great guitar track for this one.



We thought that the album has potential. With the catchy lyrics and great concepts it could really reach the market. However, the engineering was a major factor. The cadences sometimes got lost and that combined with the track levels it was sometimes hard to listen. We would recommend artist development and a quality engineer. With these adjustments the group could be on to something! Aside from those things, we like it!

If you want to get in contact with Addictive Accidents here is their info!

Fb: @timmyturnup @jasonstreet @addictiveaccidents 

IG: @Jaystreet15 @timmyturnup



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